where i use the word fancy possibly too much

I've had an inexplicably rough few weeks, and now I'm finally making my way back to my studio. It feels so good to make things.
R & I had a date night last night and I stayed up wayyyyy too late and it was totally worth it. I was ready to get in my pajamas at about 6 pm and almost cancelled the evening, but then decided to go put on my fancy underthings-- and I'm so glad I did. That almost never fails. We laughed with a very nice runner from England at our favorite fancy bar and danced to a friend's reggae band in a total dive. Today I'm making chai, picking out paint colors for the bedroom (so hard!!), making cookies for a potluck, and driving to Sopchoppy to meet a new babe.

I really enjoyed watching this beautiful thing, which reminded me to be happy. Always a good thing.