the weekend was full of breeze

Jackie Boy at the farm
Apples for cider
Shiitake, fresh off the logs


Quoteable Sunday: Bob Marley

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I tossed one way, turned another, and finally got up. I wanted to burn some Myrrh resin and just sit on the floor and think, but I couldn’t get the charcoal tablet to light, and went through a whole matchbook trying. A precious loved one is having a major surgery today and I feel so uneasy about it, like there’s something more in the mix, something I can’t see or understand yet. Waiting now.

Oh and I know how I hate to wait..... Not even for a bus or something.... An important phone call.

Extra points if you can tell me what song that’s from.

Anyhow. It’s a beautiful rainy day here, and the conditions are reminding me of a research trip I took once to British Columbia. Feeling thankful for nice memories.

"One good thing about music...when it hits you feel no pain." - bob marley


susun weed is my hero

This past weekend I traveled to Asheville to visit friends and go to the Southeast Women's Herbal Conference. The weather was cool, the air was clean, the moon was full, and the food was delicious and restorative. Most of the meals were based around recipes and techniques from Nourishing Traditions. I couldn't get enough of the three-sisters chili, the cornbread, the beet salad, or the yummy nettle and oatstraw infusions.
The classes were really fun, too. Susun Weed was a guest speaker, and she told stories after dinner on Saturday night. She is a beautiful storyteller, and enthralled us with a tale about Baba Yaga, a witch-type character from Russian folklore who rides a mortar that she rows with her pestle, and another tale about how the sassafras tree came to look the way it does. I took several of the herb/edible plant walks, and classes on Fostering Women's Wellness and Ceremonial Herb Baths. Yoga was at 7:00 each morning, when it was still dark, and the old gym where the classes were held was gently lit by flickering candles and full of women on their mats, listening to beautiful music. Ahhhhhhh. I can tell that's going to be my 'happy place' for a bit.
It also happened to be Homecoming at my wonderful, beautiful, eternally inspiring Alma Mater, WWC. I just wish I would have taken more than one photo.