warming my heart and hands

Ever since reading about how to make chai on the Small Measure blog (delicious recipe here) I have been making it almost daily. Well, I make a big pot and then sip off of it for a couple of days. I added turmeric to the mix (about 1-2 teaspoons, fresh) because we have a lot of it growing around here right now. I add extra ginger because we have lots of that too! Plus, it's warming, helps with stomach troubles and headaches, and is delicious of course!

I've also been putting grated turmeric in things like stir fry and chili. I've read that it has anti-inflamatory properties, and speeds healing. How do you use turmeric?


a few favorite things (and one really dirty window)

Terrarium from here.
My dad gave me this anvil that he fixed up for me, and even stamped my name in the side. Love that. The cow came out of my grandma's attic. I remember it used to be in her kitchen when I was a kid, and the tail moves up and down.


Happy New Year!
I rang in the new year cuddled in bed with my favorite dog, listening to the fireworks around town, after a fun family potluck/bonfire celebration. January 1st brought lots of hand-quilting and movie-watching, a little bit of cooking, reading the latest issue of Acres, and taking a nice hot soak in the tub. Here's to more of all of those things in 2010!

Today I plan to take down the holiday decorations, including those sweet angels that were on my grandmother's tree when she was little. Taking everything down is not nearly as fun as putting it up, but I'm ready for a clean house and clean slate.