Tomorrow I'm hoping in the car with my mama, granny, nephew & stepdad, and we're going on vacation! Whew. We're headed for our family's cabin in the mountains. I'm looking forward to peach ice cream, blackberry cobbler, swimming in the creek, browsing the flea markets, and picking Queen Anne's Lace for the dinner table. I'll report back next week-- hopefully with pictures. Be well!


granny colors

When my granny moved out of her house last year (after breaking her hip-- so traumatic for our family!), I was so fortunate to be the recipient of most of her fabric stash. I inherited several very large pieces of wonderful linen (including this pumpkin colored one here), as well as some old doilies and beautiful pieces of antique lace. She is so pleased that someone wanted her stuff, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Win-win!

Another thing I love is this old cookbook. The pictures are so amazingly gross! I am drawn to this color palette lately, though. I would love to do something with it, a la Katie Did.


more fun with the moon theme.

I had so much fun working on this, but then I cut it too small to be the pillow top it was intended for. Any ideas for what I could make with it now?


Quotable Sunday, Ed Brown

"Each of us is who we are largely because of others. My life manifests itself as it does because others have believed in me, which has allowed me to believe in myself."
- Ed Brown


Quotable Sunday, a short poem i like

What day are we?
We are every day
My friend

We are the whole life
My love

We love and we live
We live and we love

And we don't really know
What life is

And we don't really know
What a day is

And we don't really know
What love is

- Jacques Prevert


another freezer paper stencil

I just love the moon, don't you?



I found this wonderful book about gnomes at the library.

Too bad there aren't any gnomes in Florida.


freezer paper, i will always keep you in stock

Freezer-paper stenciling is my new favorite easiest craft in the world. I tried it a few years ago, but I have no idea why I didn't stick with it. It is so fun! And easy! My weekly art night friends and I gave it a go last week and we've all been scouring our homes for boring clothes, linens, or anything that will hold still that could use just a little something.

I also made this little bag, from one of my other favorite easiest projects ever, a pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing. I love the little pleats I sewed on one side of the bag-- I cut them off a half-made (and way too small for me) vintage shirt I found in the trash a while back. The fabric is gold-embossed and so pretty.

Quotable Sunday, on Wednesday

Our internet has been out for the past few days, following an incredible, lightening-filled storm on Sunday. We sat out on the back (screened) porch and just took it in. Other than the exciting storm, the weekend was a low-key kind of wonderful. Lots of napping, some sewing, some knitting, and plenty of cold beverages.
"A human being is essentially
a spirit eye.

Whatever you really see,
you are that."