warming my heart and hands

Ever since reading about how to make chai on the Small Measure blog (delicious recipe here) I have been making it almost daily. Well, I make a big pot and then sip off of it for a couple of days. I added turmeric to the mix (about 1-2 teaspoons, fresh) because we have a lot of it growing around here right now. I add extra ginger because we have lots of that too! Plus, it's warming, helps with stomach troubles and headaches, and is delicious of course!

I've also been putting grated turmeric in things like stir fry and chili. I've read that it has anti-inflamatory properties, and speeds healing. How do you use turmeric?


  1. i love turmeric! i tried to grow a pot of it, but, while overwintering it, my cat peed in the pot!
    i like to take it in a tincture. i love, love, love its bitter, astringent taste! thanks for the small measure nod. i'm actually drinking a hot mug of my chai this very moment!

  2. hmmm, a tincture! that sounds good, I hadn't thought of that. Do you make it yourself?

  3. no, i've not yet tinctured it myself. need to get another root and then i can, though....normally i just buy it from gaia herbs.