Memorial Day weekend 2011

("vintage" Gourtmet reading on the porch and a mix of blood orange and grapefruit juice)

(finally getting around to making my Wiksten Tova top)

(Jackie's helping)

(Receiving lots of guests-- one of the best parts of his day)


look at this dog

....have you ever seen a happier One?


The Grand Canyon of the South

For R's birthday I took the day off work and we went hiking at Providence Canyon. The weather here has been strangely cool (usually we're exercising extreme will power not to turn the air conditioner on in May) and I just couldn't resist playing hooky and getting out into the gorgeousness.

purple canyon sand

Jackie is a natural climber

It was a long drive home-- we unintentionally took the scenic route-- so we stopped in Thomasville for some supper. Since we had Jackie with us we ate at the only outdoor cafe we could find, which turned out to be some kind of religious joint that didn't even serve beer. Ouch. Was really looking forward to that beer. But we were consoled by delicious chocolate cake when we got home. Happy Birthday-- it's gonna be a great year!


bits and pieces of spring

Amazingly, we're still having some spring weather. In the garden, early tomatoes are ready (we had the first ones on our pizza last night) and the pepper plants are slowly getting bigger. We just had some much-needed rain and the beloved herbs are looking vibrant.

I've been listening to this awesome album.

Enjoying poking around on this site.

New neighbors like to set off fireworks (like, serious fireworks) at around 10:30 PM, which just thrills our dog.

Planning a fall wedding, and feeling totally refreshed by this book.

Happy spring out there!