2011: the year of the oyster

I have no idea where the past few months have gone.
For the record, though....2010 highlights:

- Remodeled our storage room (cedar walls! pine floors!) and now it's a real part of the house, instead of a wreck that we hurried through on the way to the laundry room
- Got engaged
- Got an awesome new job
- Finally finished that quilt (my dad loves it)
- Traveled in California, North Carolina and the Virgin Islands
- Joined a wonderful women's circle
- Spent a lot of time with the special people in my life

What I hope for 2011:

- Learn to enjoy a raw oyster
- Practice NVC
- Have a blast at our wedding (and keep my sense of humor while planning it with my family)
- Do my Sugar Loom project
- Be joyful, creative and accepting

Happy New Year.