ready for spring!

These poor tomato seedlings are so ready to be outside. We bought seeds this year from Baker Creek. Their catalog is just luscious. We are trying Dr. Walter, Nature's Riddle, Japanese Black Triefle, Southern Night and Violet Jasper for the first time. Our old stand-bys are Stupice, Black Cherry, Cosmonaut Volkov, Ciudad de Victoria, Cherokee Purple, Striped Roman and Aunt Ruby's German Green-- not necessarily from Baker Creek.

Also coming up: peppers! I am newly infatuated with hot peppers. We are trying Black Hungarian, Tunisian Baklouti, and Odessa Market.

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  1. Hello! Found you through Jora... I saw that you're trying Violet Jasper this year. Me too! So far, so good. Good tomato luck to you :)