I've been really into making stuff lately. Not so much sewing or knitting going on, but our kitchen has been humming. A few weeks ago I tried this homemade deodorant recipe from the Angry Chicken blog. It is AWESOME. (The deodorant. And the blog.) I have been using Weleda and Dr. Hauschka for a long time. I love both of them-- I mean, I love the way they smell-- but I would find myself needing to re-apply several times a day. With this homemade stuff, I only apply it once, and I'm good to go for the whole day! Seriously life-changing. I'm impressed.

I also recently tried making spoon oil (recipe and lovely pictures and description found here). I hope to start a regular practice of oiling my wooden kitchen pieces, and I'd like to try this on my bamboo countertops.


  1. oooo I want to make the deo! Was it hard to make? amy at little alouette dot com

  2. Hi amy! It was sooooo easy to make. I did it before going to work one morning!