Celebrate Spring

Our Spring/Easter/Ostara celebration this weekend included dyeing (and then eating) LOTS of eggs. Also this lemon cake and this chocolate cake.  And lots of strawberries too.  Oh, and sangria.  I was in a food coma by Monday morning and considered taking a sick day. Our little girl doesn't yet know about refined sugar, and we're trying to keep it that way as long as possible.  Her Spring Treats consisted of a tin of dried figs, sidewalk chalk, and a wooden horse.  Which she LOVED.
Here's our own little chickie during the egg hunt:



The extent of my holiday cheer this year. Except I also decorated our little Jade plant with some tiny vintage glass balls, and made a smilax wreath for the front door.  I love these lights and would like to keep them up all year.

This is the first year we are celebrating the holidays without my grandma.  I really really miss her!  It doesn't feel right, and I'd love to just go away for a bit.

Fantasizing about staying here and exploring New Orleans.


Is this thing on?

So, um, that was a short 2 years!

Not much has happened.  Well, except for this. Oh, and this:
Which is actually now this:
In my spare time I am finding lots of inspiration in these blogs.


happy holidays!

This made me laugh this morning.



We were married.
I finally understand what the fuss is all about with this whole wedding thing. It was SO. MUCH. FUN. Even the ceremony part, which I was kind of dreading. And, after all the planning and making and cooking and fretting, the evening was over in the blink of an eye. It's now just a blur of flowers and family and Jackie being the cutest dog ever, firelight twinkling through the woods, raw oysters and wine, dancing to my favorite band and laughing with friends. Big sigh.
Back soon.


Memorial Day weekend 2011

("vintage" Gourtmet reading on the porch and a mix of blood orange and grapefruit juice)

(finally getting around to making my Wiksten Tova top)

(Jackie's helping)

(Receiving lots of guests-- one of the best parts of his day)


look at this dog

....have you ever seen a happier One?


The Grand Canyon of the South

For R's birthday I took the day off work and we went hiking at Providence Canyon. The weather here has been strangely cool (usually we're exercising extreme will power not to turn the air conditioner on in May) and I just couldn't resist playing hooky and getting out into the gorgeousness.

purple canyon sand

Jackie is a natural climber

It was a long drive home-- we unintentionally took the scenic route-- so we stopped in Thomasville for some supper. Since we had Jackie with us we ate at the only outdoor cafe we could find, which turned out to be some kind of religious joint that didn't even serve beer. Ouch. Was really looking forward to that beer. But we were consoled by delicious chocolate cake when we got home. Happy Birthday-- it's gonna be a great year!