oh my.

I am so in love with Kay Tuttle's Cover Stories series. Swoon. I can't even decide which one I would get. I do have a thing for foxes, though. I love that charismatic little fox in the top painting. Crows are pretty amazing too. I wonder what my spirit animal is... And how do I find out?


  1. These are so sweet! I totally have a thing for foxes too!

  2. Dear SK, I think you might be an Otter. Otters are sweet and playful. They say that the spirit of the Otter is nurturing and very attentive to others' needs. Otters tend to put others first. Also, they're supposed to be very practical and come by household management naturally.
    Of course I could be way off here, as I am no expert on animal spirits. But you seem very Otter-like to me...