what a lovely

What a lovely long weekend.
I didn't do all the things I had planned, but I did:

work on linen squares for a pillow inspired by this project
juice limes for limeade
make goat milk kefir
soak in one long mineral bath
read some of this book
take two naps
make pizza with my granny
process muscadine grapes into pie filling
visit Thomasville GA for Saturday brunch
rescue a baby squirrel from our cat, and take it to St. Francis
wash many, many dishes and loads of laundry
make a menu plan for the week, primarily from this cookbook
think about making curtains for my sewing room

There has been the tiniest bit of fall in the air in the mornings! Autumn is my favorite season and I feel as if I'm buzzing with excitement when I think about hot chai and pumpkins and red leaves and wearing my sweaters and socks again.

Tonight I'm going to raise my glass to the short work week. Cheers!

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  1. what beautiful needlework. your blog is so lovely, I enjoy visiting. warm wishes!