the clearing.

We've been doing some cleaning.
Cleaning out the cabinets, dusting off the shelves, trying to part with more and more of our beloved stuff.

I come from a long line of hoarders. For me, clearing out is hard and serious work. I have to keep reminding myself of those pretty magazine pictures that show the spaces I'd really love to inhabit (like pretty much everything on this website!)

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  1. I will tell you a little story. In high school I played cleopatra in a play, When Shakespeare's Ladies Meet. My mom made the costume. My Aunt Esther beaded a push up bra(32a or b?) Bright pink chiffon with a gold cobra head dress. When I graduated from FSU And was on my way to live in NYC I had a yard sale in front of my tiny two room house on Whitehall St. I sold the costume. I remember the people who bought it. I went to NYC(another story). I returned to TLH. three years later, when I was pregnant with Dolly we went to Lamaze classes. Guess who was the Teacher? Yep. We laughed over the costume. Some years later they got divorced and I wondered about the costume. I still think of it and there are no pictures that I know of. I think about the love my mom and her sister put into it. And if only I still had the little bra....but then again...so much stuff comes and goes and really it is like dew drops on grass.
    Heerman accidentally broke my favorite tea cup the other day. I still have the two pieces sitting on my desk. Soon I will put them in the garden and let the garden swallow them.
    Love you and your blog.