face wash and other treasures

On this fine Memorial Day I'm forgoing all the barbecues and swimming pool parties and getting some stuff done around the house-- and feeling very satisfied with myself. I made a batch of deodorant for a friend, and a batch of my favorite face wash-- the Miracle Grains in Rosemary Gladstar's book, which I do not own. It must be out of print. Luckily, my library has it. This is such a great face wash! It is the closest I've found to my favorite Dr. Hauschka face wash, and so much more affordable.

While cleaning out boxes of stuff in my sewing room, I've come across lots of little treasures. For example, a thrifted dish, a cross-stitch dollhouse pillow my mom made, and a tag for a dog named FANCY.


  1. I found this fine place from reading a comment of your over @ Forest Bound:)))) This blog, also, is a breath of fresh air!

    See you in the wind,

  2. thank you for the sweet comment over at modaspia - you've got me all side tracked wanting to make my own deodorant, face wash AND chicken feed now!

  3. hey sarahkeith! love these little treasures, just the kind i get excited to find & whip up...