saturday morning at the market

I don't work at the farmer's market very often, but when I do it is a fun time. I like setting up, and even taking down, and I like weighing tomatoes and squash, and ringing people up on the little black calculator, and counting out change. I also like people-watching, and shopping around at the end of the morning, after I've had a chance to decide on where to spend my money (the flower lady is usually a destination, and if there are any berries left, they will be coming home with me).

The farm I work at specializes in tomatoes in the summer and we grow a huge variety. It's already gotten too hot for some of them (the Cherokee Purple variety, for example, is an annual favorite and it's season sadly ended at the beginning of this heat snap we're having). Down here in Florida, the summer is the quietest time on the farm. After the tomatoes peter out, the squash and peppers and okra will keep on kicking for quite some time, and then the muscadine & scuppernong grapes come in for a few weeks, and so do the figs. There's always basil until the first frost. But that's really about it...the heat brings on this serene quality here, where it seems like even the normally raucous birds are still, and nothing moves during the afternoon.

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