you can't make good coffee by reading a book

I love this card I found in my granny's things. It says:
Although you've been married for just three weeks,
One lesson you've learned as happiness you seek;
That meals are important to grow big and strong,
Good food and good coffee in all homes belong.
Good food you can get by learning to cook, but
You can't make good coffee by reading a book;
So here is some aid we're offering to you,
As that aromatic drink you're trying to brew;
Throw away your container for boiling caffeine,
Here's a new percolator, the best that we've seen;
(We're sorry we can't present it tonight,
For Santa misplaced it in his southerly flight;
Don't fret and don't wail -- you'll get it post haste,
And we're wishing you the best in good
coffee taste!)

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