so long sweet summer

This is a very old picture, but I'm just so happy that it's nearly fall that I don't care. I'm using my mom's computer to write this, because our computer has died an untimely death, and we have been sans-technology for a while now. Not sure how long that will last, but we're hanging in there. Hopefully I'll be back in this space soon.
Until then, take care & enjoy the end of summer!
P.S. I saw (okay bought) the first pumpkin at the farmer's market this week. It's a new variety that was crossed with a Brazilian gourd, which means it can grow in the south in the summer, so we can finally have local pumpkins for Halloween! Hot dog.


  1. the summer has surely passed by quickly. on the other hand, let's hope that we will soon "fall" back into some regular blog visits... hope your well and getting your computer up and running soon!

  2. wow, is that an old one room schoolhouse? I wish we had more of those these days.

  3. It is! It's part of a local museum...I find it extremely romantic, in an Anne Of Green Gables kinda way!