28 things to do before I turn 29

1. knit myself a sweater
2. have a fancy dinner party
3. take more pictures
4. buy an organic mattress
5. try printing techniques from Lena Corwin's book
6. enhance morning yoga practice
7. take evening walks
8. abolish negativity
9. try more recipes and techniques from Nourishing Traditions, Wild Fermentation, and Full Moon Feast
10. spend time with my family (more focus on quality over quantity)
11. learn to bake bread
12. drink herbal infusions daily
13. practice patience
14. practice being present
15. go camping
16. paint the bathroom
17. organize a food/supplies drive for the animal shelter
18. sew R a cover for his amplifier
19. light candles and set the table for dinner
20. sew myself a dress
21. help dad clean out his workshop and garage
22. start a women's circle
23. complete my Sugar Loom project
24. make a quilt
25. use my bike/feet more regularly to get where i'm going
26. do the dishes before going to bed
27. react less, respond more
28. have a picnic


  1. How wonderful life would be if we could abolish negativity. Although i don't think we would be able to enjoy positivity as much with out it.
    Great list, i don't know how old you are but i hope you have plenty of time to accomplish all this....and more!

  2. I've got one year. It does seem like a bit of challenge! I'm starting on number numbers 1 and 11 today...

  3. Baking bread will be easy. I don't think i will ever get past knitting a scarf.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    That's quite a list! The women's circle will be wonderful - maybe you should do a cooking group for women, as those are such women-affirming cookbooks on that list. They say much about the questions you're living with. Thanks for letting me know you came by & sharing with me, I'm glad to have found you.