freezer paper, i will always keep you in stock

Freezer-paper stenciling is my new favorite easiest craft in the world. I tried it a few years ago, but I have no idea why I didn't stick with it. It is so fun! And easy! My weekly art night friends and I gave it a go last week and we've all been scouring our homes for boring clothes, linens, or anything that will hold still that could use just a little something.

I also made this little bag, from one of my other favorite easiest projects ever, a pattern in Bend the Rules Sewing. I love the little pleats I sewed on one side of the bag-- I cut them off a half-made (and way too small for me) vintage shirt I found in the trash a while back. The fabric is gold-embossed and so pretty.

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  1. I have been having quite a bit of fun with freezer paper stencils this summer too! Love the bag... so awesome!