I was in my pajamas and ready to curl up with some knitting (I'm such a novice, but I'm starting easy, with this baby sweater pattern) when we had some unexpected, and totally welcome guests.  A lot of great music ensued.  Also: baked beans, making plans to visit Canada, and a healthy amount of red wine.  My friend K has a beautiful voice, and I got really into her rendition of Red Clay Halo (a Gillian Welch tune).  
Tonight: R's band is playing at a local oyster shack.  
Tomorrow: A tomato feastival (involving a cake walk, tomato tasting, tomato contest, potluck, and a giant amount of paella) and then more music at an irish bar.  
Today: I'm off to the park for a walk, and then home again to make a cake....perhaps this one?

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  1. wowie! sounds like an amazing evening! wish that would happen to me! also, i loooove that song (red halo). every time i listen to gillian welch and that song comes on, i pretty much put it on repeat because i keep going back to it. :)