house sitting in central state

I got to spend Memorial Day weekend house-and-child-sitting for my Uncles in Central Florida. My granny and I drove down and had a blast cooking, eating, swimming, painting, and teaching my 8-year old cousin to embroider. It rained most of the weekend, but we kept busy on the screened porch.
Their house is so lovely, and their view is so nice, that it was a hard transition back to my dark, crowded home. Once I was back in my own kitchen (which is approximately the same size as our bathroom closet), I had a mini-meltdown (tantrum?) about the cramped quarters and the abundant clutter (okay, and the lack of lake view-- but that can't be helped). Meltdowns are always unsettling at first, but this one led to the brainstorming of storage solutions and potential wall removal. Let the house remodeling juices start to flow!

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