happy birthday to you

We had a birthday party for R last weekend and of course I didn't take pictures, but here are a few from the next morning. I was so pleased with how the fabric bunting came out (although this picture is dark and you can't see it)-- I will be making more of those, they made our living room feel perfectly festive.
I have a hard time staying up late, and I fell asleep a good 4 or 5 hours before everyone else went home to bed. Oops. I woke up to a Michael Bolton poster hanging in my room, so I'm wondering what all I missed.


  1. Oh, I'd love to learn more about that bunting. Did you use a pattern or a template, or just whip it up yourself? Michael Bolton, eh? Wild times, indeed!

  2. Ashley-
    I made a little template by drawing a triangle on cardboard, and then I just cut out lots of triangles, sewed the two sides right sides together, turned them right-side out, and sewed them into a ready-made bias binding I had laying around from a yard sale. It was seriously wayyyy too much fun. I need to get out more!