a shuttle launch and a rainy morning

This afternoon it's pouring down rain, and I'm imagining I'm curled up in this room, in my great-grandparent's beach house, watching whatever it was they were watching. (I like to imagine it's Mr. Ed.) The little dog, Fella, was very mean, and I'm not imagining he is curled up with me...instead I have a cup of tea (okay, coffee really, but tea seems much more fitting).

I spent the weekend in central Florida visiting very dear family, and brought back key limes and raw milk from the farmer's market. I sense a pie in my near future. I'm pretty sure I used this recipe last time (or rather the one from her book, which is probably the same), but I'm wondering if I can find a recipe that doesn't use condensed milk.

My mom and I watched the space shuttle launch last night before driving home, and it was well worth the late departure, although kind of nerve-wracking for me. I held my breath. Everything turned out fine and for the rest of the trip I took solace in the fact that, however uncomfortable I was couped up in the passenger seat, at least I wasn't in a space shuttle, hurtling into cold, dark, lonely space. I've realized lately that I am afraid of outer space. When I try to comprehend the size of space, or the meaning, I pretty much feel like my head is going to explode. And that, I tell you, is scary.

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